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High School Hijinx - Main

Currently: Opening Ceremony, August 24th

Waff is spooked by Bill but eventually calms down.

Life in this new non breakfast school isn't going to be easy. Whether he likes it or not, he'll have to find people he can trust if he hopes to make it through.

The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

A random student slowly got up from her chair. She took in a deep breath before finally speaking up.

Student: M-M-My name's... It's.. A.. uh.. It's Emily! Em.. Emily Glosson!

The teacher slowly looked in the direction of the student. She wondered how anyone could be so nervous over what she perceived to be a dumb school tradition.

Emily: I'm not.. as interesting as the rest of the class but.. but I.. er.. No. I mean.. Er..

Lucielle Davenport was wondering if she had upset some deity, as she felt like she had been cursed with what could potentially be a very troublemaking class. She hoped it was going to be just an easy going year.

"But all the weirdos are out in full force", thought the teacher.

Emily: I hope to meet really cool people in the future! No.. er.. Um.. Yes, but.. mmm...

The student sat down, deciding it was for the best if she had ended where she did.

Another Student: Hmph. I think it's time.

Another Student had gotten up from his chair. He exuded a level of confidence that seemed beyond Emily's. He placed one hand on his hip, and moved the other hand over his face.

Another Student: I have thought of the perfect introduction to explain myself and my motivations. I am called Adam Izanagi. And I am a descendant of a long line of shri--

Davenport: Yeah yeah yeah, Mister Izanagi. You waited too long.

Adam: Oh come on!

Adam's composure had quickly left him as he flailed his arms in frustration.

Adam: You can't be serious! All of these other students didn't bother refining their words. As budding wordsmith, I--

Davenport: N. O.

Adam: That's not fair!

Davenport: Yes it is.

Adam: I demand to hear why you would respond with such a preposterous answer!

Davenport: Because you're long winded, and homeroom's over.

Just as she finished speaking, a chime played through a speaker on the wall of the back of the classroom. It was the signal for the end of homeroom

Adam stood silent, unable to close his mouth.

Adam: ...

Meanwhile, Kirby glanced outside the window.

Kirby: Wow. What an interesting class!
Bill smiled towards Waff.

Don't you worry! It's normal to be nervous, especially on your first day. I'm going to help you to get through this year.

When she finished talking, she gave a small wave and walked back towards her table.

Nothing weird happened.
Apparently it was time to prepare for the next class. Shamdar began digging through his backpack, searching for his class schedule. Preparation is the key to success, and he wanted to be prepared for every moment of this school year. Success, for a change, would be nice.

Hmmm, the schedule proved to be quite elusive. Let's see... All the books are here, notebooks, pencils, pens, Shonen Jump, 3DS, Pogs... Great, no schedule, no idea what's next.


Welp, winging it is, once again, the best option. Maybe ONLY option is more accurate. Shamdar slams a notebook and pencil on his desk. That way, he'll be ready for anything.
Can you not understand the words that are commin' outta my mouth?
Teyla: Whoo! Next class!

Jill: ... What is your next class anyways? My schedule is kinda blurry and I can't read it.

Teyla: Let's see here... Oh, erm... Mine is throwing an undefined error.

That's right. We don't exactly have our classes picked yet. How do we know where to go?
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Emily: Er.. um.. The school WiFi is having a problem.. Just give it a little bit of time to clear up. Then we should be seeing our schedules...
Can you not understand the words that are commin' outta my mouth?
MEANWHILE, at a Shinto shrine in Downtown Cantoridge

???: Maaaan, this day feels like it's taking forever, it feels like it's been a year already.

Meizuki, the wolf goddess, was leaning up against a rock out in the grass in front of her shrine, licking away at an ice cream cone she had acquired somewhere. Cherry chocolate chip, her favorite.

???: Oh. Yeah. Tell me about it. It's great missing my first day of classes because "The shrine really needs to be cleaned."

Mei hopped off the rock and walked up closer to the shrine maiden, on the other side of a bush by the front path.

Mei: Well, Yuu-chan, you saw how bad it was! I needed someone to do it.

Yuuko: Did it have to be me? Sachiko always seems -really- keen on helping you.

Mei: She's just a kid though. Kids shouldn't have to do chores. Chores suck.

Yuuko: You just wanted me here so you'd have someone to talk to.

Mei: I- er....

Yuuko certainly wasn't wrong about this.

Yuuko: Whatever, just let me finish this, and next time ask someone else for help. I know I'm one of your shrine maidens but I have things I need to do too.

Mei: ...

Mei frowned, and sorta walked back. She never liked making Yuuko mad, even if it seemingly happened often.
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