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Currently: Opening Ceremony, August 24th
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Meanwhile, outside of the classroom, a boy stood, fiddling with the strap of his schoolbag.

He was waiting for the teacher's signal to enter the class. As the resident mysterious transfer student, he was supposed to be introduced by the teacher and then brought in front of the class... or something. He wasn't entirely sure, but he didn't want to be rude and interrupt the teacher...

"I wonder who I'll meet this time..." The boy mutters to himself. His eyes flicker yellow. "...and how long I'll stay."

((AN: I'm so sorry the image is so tall, I promise the rest won't be as tall- or as try- in the future.))
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The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Student: Miss Davenport?

Davenport: Are you ready for your introduction, Mister Izanagi?

Student: No, of course not. I need more time for preparation.

Davenport: Then why--

The student pointed at the door.

Student: There's someone standing outside the door ever since the bell rang.

Davenport: .. Wha?

The teacher felt like she must have been having a fever dream. Was she expecting someone to be standing outside? Was this a faculty member waiting for the right moment to bring something up? Was this a student too nervous to step inside?

She groaned as she walked around the front podium. If it was a nervous student, she was not in the mood to wait for their courage to find them.

Davenport: Well?

She swung open the door.

Davenport: Are you goin' to stay out there, or are you comin' in?
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The boy jolted a bit at the door opening. After a second or so, he deflated but gripped his bag a little tighter.

Mysterious Boy: "H-hello ma'am. I just transferred here and was in the office doing some paperwork."

He smiles, though it's slow to come to his face and a little unsure.

Mysterious Boy: I was told to wait outside, and that you'd introduce me to the class and... um... yeah.
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Davenport: Oh.

The teacher rolled her eyes.

Davenport: Yes, that sounds like somethin' they'd do.

She pulled herself back into the classroom and turned to face the rest of the students.

Davenport: Hey, ya'll. We've got another one new to the school.

Upon hearing this, a certain student sitting near the windows immediately turned his attention to the door.

Kirby: A new one, too?

Davenport: Take a seat wherever you like. In case they haven't filled you in, I'm your homeroom teacher, Lucielle Davenport.

She turned to face the mysterious boy.

Davenport: Actually, since you're already standin', why don't you introduce yourself to the class? You know the spiel: Full name, aspirations or future dreams.

A dull look seemed to have overtaken her face.

Davenport: Get ready to hear that for the next two days.
The mysterious boy stumbled over his feet as he made his way to the front of the class. Suddenly feeling put on the spot he absentmindedly began chewing his lip before speaking.

Mysterious Boy: H-hello everyone. My name is...

He pauses. His eyes flicker again.

Mysterious Boy: ...Fruity. Fruity Parfait. I transferred here recently from where I used to be... Oh, and aspirations right?

He looks up for clarity and gets a bunch of blank stares.

Fruity: O-okay! Aspirations! Haah... Well... I'd like to make friends i guess... okaybyethankyou.

He rushes the last bit out and bows respectfully, but hurriedly, at the teacher. By some miracle it seems the window seat in the very back corner is somehow still available, and he gravitates towards it like a moth to a flame before he sets his back down off of his shoulder and tries to hide how red his face is.
EEEEEH SUGOI DESU NE *flex muscles*
Lurenia: ...thanks for the housewarming gift, but I'll have to decline. I don't want to double my homework.

Lurenia was just glad he didn't try to sit down or things would have gotten really awkward.

It made Lurenia plant her forehead on her desk again. She really didn't stand out, even to someone that just walked into the room for the first time.
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Fruity: ...oh, OH!

In his eagerness to escape attention, it seemed Fruity failed to notice that the seat he was looking for was in fact not empty.

Fruity: Ohmygosh i'm so sorry, I...

Though it didn't seem possible, Fruity's face grew even more red.

Fruity: I'm sorry, I just got here and I don't know where every one is yet and I just... hi. By the Creator that was sloppy. We need to pay more attention to the meta and lore here.

Unsure of what to say about the situation, Fruity tugs his bag to the seat in front of the girl he almost sat on. He looks down at this hopefully empty desk in shame before glancing back at the girl.

Fruity: Um... what's your name?

To Fruity's dismay, he looks down to realize that the seat he picked, too, is taken. He moves his bag to the seat to the girl's side, generally looking like a lost puppy.

Fruity: ...is this one taken too?

((AN: I can't tell which desks are empty ;^; ))
EEEEEH SUGOI DESU NE *flex muscles*
She lifted her head up and looked at the desk, then at him.

Lurenia: Name's Lurenia. Seems the seat is empty, so I guess you can sit there.

Then her head went back down on the desk with a thud.
Fruity reluctantly takes a seat at his desk. He twiddles his thumbs before looking back at Lurenia.

Fruity: ...I'm really sorry. I just... I really wanted to get away from the front and this is the seat I normally go for, so I guess I wasn't thinking and...

Realizing he's going on a tangent, Fruity sighs before following in Lurenia's footsteps and burying his face as deep into the desk as he could.
Guts leaned forward and whispered to JDavis...

Guts: Hey, do we still count them as mysterious transfer students on the first day?

JDavis: Pssh. Not with this school's turnover rate.

the OCTOPUS is CLEARLY set up to deceive you from the deep abyss & thays y sea charts r WRONG && this is y ppl now cannt find an empty desk!
betrayed by our friend Bill in a previous timeline THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SELL YOR SOUL WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU????
do NOT sell souls it may look like a good idea at some poitn but then tesselation happen then nobody knows where anyone is bc the entire universe depends on position & its just all problems
After getting a better look at the rest of the class, it was slowly dawning on Shamdar that he was the on in the wrong concerning dress code. Apparently he'd missed a memo. Maybe two.

It seemed that most of the students were mumbling at each other, so he decided to strike up a conversation with the red-haired girl seated in front of him. She seemed nice enough, and her horns were neat, so why not?

"HEY," he whispered as inconspicuously as he possibly could, "GLAD TO MEET YOU."
"As you should be! It is an honor for you to meet someone as magnificent and powerful! as me. Why if I were in your place, I would be gro--" she suddenly stopped. "I mean, it is..." she clenched her jaw as tight as it could go. "...nice to meet you as well. Fellow student."
Finally, something seemed to go smoothly. Such a long day already, but at least things were fine on the social front.


He didn't want to push things too far with the teacher. Her fuse seemed a bit short. Best to keep class-time conversations short, probably.
Can you not understand the words that are commin' outta my mouth?
Teyla: I agree, selling your soul to an octopus is an awful idea. You end up all fishy and immortal and then your 100 year old robot brother goes on a crusade to destroy all octopi from his fallen city under the ocean and then there's the octopus god at the end of the labyrinth and really it's just an awful experience. You gotta find and kill all the thing's tentacles before you go fight it or it'll just murder you right away.
Fruity looks up to the desk in front of him to a very... interesting conversation. He opens his mouth as if to speak, but then pauses and looks down at his hands. He fiddles his thumbs around before glancing over to his side, where Lurenia is still sitting with her head to her desk. He repeats this process of looking from his hands to her a few times.

Fruity: So, um... how long have you been going here?

He immediately regrets the question- it's the first day of school, the obvious sarcastic answer would probably be 'a few hours', but decides to hope she doesn't pick up on that. Instead he tries to flash his best smile, which ends up looking more uncomfortable than charming.

Fruity: I, uh, I'm new to the area. What's it like here?
EEEEEH SUGOI DESU NE *flex muscles*
Lurenia looked up at him, then back towards the teacher, and then back at Fruity.

Lurenia: I've been here for less than two hours at this point, and all I know is that Ms. Davenport probably doesn't like small talk during her class.

She sat up and sighed.

Lurenia: And to answer your second question, I haven't a clue. I'm new around here myself.
Hedge looked at all the action nervously, glad that not much attention had been paid to her outburst. But it seemed like time for her to make her introduction, so she hopped onto the desk-- being a potted plant, and not very tall-- and rustled her leaves to look the most presentable before starting:

"Um, I'm Hedge," She paused thoughtfully before continuing, "I'm not A hedge, of course, I'm just a bush. If I were with others of my kind, we'd be a hedge."

She glanced a little sadly at her new classmates, all of whom appeared to be animal, mineral or breakfasterial(?), then quickly continued:

"Hedge Maze. And my dream is to play on a team in the Ivy League and someday go on to be the first plant in major league baseball!!" She looked starry-eyed just thinking about it. "The Wrigley ivy broke the flora barrier, of course, but there's still so far to go!!!"

Snapping out of it, she looked around. "And I'm looking forward to making new friends!" She declared, hopping back into her seat.

Waff hides under a desk and hopes he won't have to introduce himself.
Bill walked to the table where Waff was and stood next to him. Looking down, she gave him a kind smile.

Don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of. I'll be with you, if you want to.

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