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High School Hijinx - Main

Currently: Opening Ceremony, August 24th
Can you not understand the words that are commin' outta my mouth?
Teyla: Hm. Maybe I should've used my titles too. I kinda feel outdone.

Jill: Please no we'd be here for days.

The door to the classroom suddenly burst open, having been kicked by a previously unseen student. He had black, spiky hair and dark red eyes. He was wearing a black gakuran, typical of a Japanese school uniform, but left it unbuttoned, with a red dress shirt underneath.

Draco: 'sup, peeps? I'm Draco and I'm awesome.

Draco found his way to one of the remaining empty desks and plopped himself down.
Shamdar is immediately filled with burning jealousy upon seeing this flawless entry. All the principles he tries to apply to life perfectly executed. Every time Shamdar attempts such an act, he ends up flat on his face, or covered in water. Or worse.

He begrudgingly extends a thumbs-up, in recognition of Draco's tactics.
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Davenport's frown seemed to be glued onto her face.

Maybe she should have chosen her students rather than just randomly picked them.
Rubi stood and marched to the front of the class, hair going in every direction as she looked around at the students. She had their names! The curses she could invoke! The powers she could have! If... well, that wouldn't get her murdered by her own pact mistress.

"My name is ...Rubi..." she growled. "I enjoy..." she paused as she had to think of something human. What did humans really enjoy? "Looking at clouds as they pass by. Yes. Such an innocuous activity. So... fulfilling..." she was grinding her teeth. Smoke plumed from her nose. "Ahem. My greatest aspiration is to... ah... hrm..." she paused again to think. "To... kidnap a princess?"

Nailed it.
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

The teacher checked off another name on one sheet of paper before glancing at the rest of the students. There was a bit more confusion, but she knew there were students who were buying what Rubi had just said.

Meanwhile, Kirby nodded affirmatively. "Gazing at clouds really is a great thing," he thought.
Can you not understand the words that are commin' outta my mouth?
Teyla: Please don't kidnap me.

Jill: You're not a princess.

Teyla: You don't know that. I -might- be.

Jill shook her head. Of course she'd get the class full of all the crazy people. At least the school is exactly like her parents described, so she wasn't exactly surprised, but....

Jill: My name is Jillith Claire Arnet, and...

She paused, thinking for a moment.

Jill: I guess I don't really have a dream.

That's an intro, though, she didn't even get up to introduce herself.
gazing @ the sky is legm8tly aws 4 you can see the amaze of all craetion as the nature of the plant is displayed reflctd in a celstial mirage as a divin gift conseqnz of the v-class breath of what has been allowd 2 liv init & it fades in2 a clear bison of the cosmos to inf.outer shell @ dark ocean of dts unknown & its rly incredible as not even the deities as t fish in name only can attain

i wish more ppl actlly enjoyed that its a v good help 2 Lv your soul + the ultimate improvement 4 the universe

perhps it can simply fill 1 smal void while yo look 4 a dream @ least

ps: DNOT LEAVE A VOID WHERE YOU'R SOUL SoLD BE thats a bad idea do not sell souls

Bill: UHHHH....I kind of sold my soul already....It's...uh, it's a long and complicated story. It involves Octopuses and bananas....Yeah.. So, uh. I'm Bill. Hi...

Note to self: don't sell your soul before your first day at school.
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Davenport: Ooookay... You can sit down now, Miss, uh.. O'Pessimist.

The teacher was already hoping the day was over with. She was hardly caring at this point.
So there's another martial artist here. Interesting. And what was that about souls? Interesting. And weird. Mostly weird. Kinda puts a damper on the whole "normal year" thing...
EEEEEH SUGOI DESU NE *flex muscles*
Lurenia just kept shifting her eyes at the madness that was occurring in the classroom before she planted her forehead down on her desk.

She wanted to leave a lasting impression on her fellow classmates with a quick joke so they would know her as having the funny intro.

A shame that her joke was professional in comparison to what her classmates were saying. Perhaps she was even a bit too serious in her introduction at this point.

Awaiting for the next student to say something that would just continue to amaze her, she lifted her head and rested her chin on the desk. She felt a little disappointed that it would be nearly impossible to stand out above this crowd... even if she shouted out loud.

Steve peeked nervously into the classroom, and slipped past the desks until he found an empty seat in the back. He sat down quietly and ducked his head behind the other students to avoid being caught for being late.
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Davenport sighed. The classroom was filled with whispers, but no one else seemed like they were standing up.

Davenport: Alright, I guess it's time for me to start picking ya'll out. You, over there in the gaudy uniform. No, that one in the back over there.

She pointed to Steve.

Davenport: Your turn for an introduction. You know the drill. Full name, dreams, aspirations. I mean, unless someone else is wantin' to go up now.

Someone is really nervous.
While the teacher waited for Steve to answer, Hedge glanced nervously to her right, where her alarming new... friend? had taken a seat. The dragon girl seemed quite friendly, but the plant hoped she wouldn't be thinking any flammable thoughts.

Quickly she turned back to the window so she wouldn't be caught staring, but those unfriendly hooligans were still loitering outside the school, cutting class. Hedge threw the inanimate bushes a dirty look.

It didn't take a genius to see what Hedge was staring at. Which is good, because Rubi was definitely not a genius.

"You could do it. You could take those plants and show them obedience. Remake them in your image."
Hedge turned back around, surprised by Rubi's words. But she was angry! Those hedges were making all the other plant students look bad with those brutish manners-- and skipping school so brazenly, in view of everyone!

"They should know better that that's no way to treat people! Were they raised by weeds???"

Hedge could feel the teacher looming over her without even having to look up.


"Uh, hi! My, uh, name is Steven Carter, but, uh, call me Steve." A pause. "As for dreams and, uh aspirations, I don't really know right now. Is that okay? I'm gonna sit back down now."

The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Lucielle shrugged at Steve's response. He tried, at the very least.

Meanwhile, a pair of students were conversing in a tone that was a little too distracting for anyone sitting so close to the front. Rather, sitting so close to the teacher's podium.

Lucielle: Hey, I don't mind if ya'll chit chat, but can ya keep your voices down? I'm tryin' to mark off who's here.

She then raised an eyebrow at Hedge.

Lucielle: Unless you want to be next for the introduction?
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