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High School Hijinx - Main

Currently: Opening Ceremony, August 24th
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Davenport: Keep on movin'. We're just about there.

Lucielle continued to lead her students, at least those who were paying attention, to what would be their homeroom class for the following year.

Davenport: An' here we are.

She opened up the door, revealing a well lit room.

Davenport: Jus' take a seat anywhere you'd like. But keep usin' that seat. I don't wanna try to memorize your new position.

Kirby felt slightly uneasy when he approached the open doorway. He quickly brushed away his hesitation and moved inside, hoping to get a seat by the windows.
EEEEEH SUGOI DESU NE *flex muscles*
Lurenia headed inside her new classroom and without hesitation found the desk in the far back corner by the window and placed her bag down. She got comfortable immediately as she sat down and crossed her legs on top of the desk while leaning back.

Out of the way and a good view.

Also a very typical seat where things happen from what she has seen in her favorite shows, but she didn't have psychic powers nor was she some kind of god without knowing it, so she should be fine.
Shamdar enters the classroom, acting as though the entire opening ceremony didn't happen. That'd just be best for everyone...

He sits in the middle of the back row. That way, his hat won't block anyone's view. Plus, only nerds and brown-nosers sit in the front.
Elsewhere and earlier...

A young man with brown dome-shaped hair quickly shoved the remaining chocolate pop-tarts down his gullet and washed them down with what was left of his can of Dr Pepper as he hopped on his bicycle and sped toward the school. He was wearing a medium-blue short sleeved button-up shirt and a pair of slacks that were a shade of light blue that would likely cause someone at a distance to think they were a pair of faded jeans. But they weren't jeans. Because that's not allowed. The pants were held up with a black d-ring belt (not that you could tell because the shirt was untucked and covered that detail up), and on his feet were a pair of black and blue sneakers.

As he arrived at the school, he tossed his empty soda can in a recycling bin as he rode past it, then stopped at the bike rack to lock up his wheels.

At that moment, another student greeted him.

Student 2: Yo, JD! This is it, man! We're finally freshman!

JDavis: Yeah, and it's a good thing, too. We never managed to show up in that last incarnation where we were a year younger than everyone else.

Student 2: First line and you're already breaking the fourth wall?

JDavis: What else is there to say? It's just another school year, Guts.

Guts was wearing a black short-sleeved button up shirt with a red tie. His pants were bright yellow and being held up by a red belt, with matching shoes. Contrasting with this attire was the yellow beanie on his head, adorned with a black stripe that went nearly all the way around it but was interrupted in the front with a red circle.

I'd show you a drawing of these two, but I can't find my wacom stylus.

The pair made their way to the auditorium, where they were certainly much less conspicuous than some of their peers during the principal's speech, then followed everyone else to the classroom, where they sat vaguely off to one side, with Guts taking the seat immediately behind JDavis.

Aaand now we're caught up.
Bill rushed to a seat next to the window. She couldn't care less about where she had to sit. If she could sit next to a window, everything is fine.

However, something bugged her. Scratch that. There were multiple things on her mind.

"I wonder, who was that camera girl. And how did the school know about my chainsaw? Where is Reimu? DOES THE CAFETERIA EVEN SELL BANANAS? I HAVE A SUDDEN CRAVING FOR BANANAS."

Meanwhile, at the school hallway there were a few students running, searching for their classroom.

"Excuse me, but running in the hallways is forbidden. If you don't stop, all of you will get detention."

The students turned around, to see where the voice came from. All they saw was a grumpy man, tapping with his feet on the floor and holding a cup of coffee in one hand.

"We're s-s-sorry sir..."

"Don't apologize. Don't break the rules. If you do, you're going to have to deal with me. And brother, I hurt misbehaving students. Well, uh...not hurting...erhm...I mean punishing! Yes! Punishing! That's what I meant.

Callagan McSalt, a biology teacher at Canoridge high. Despite being often grumpy, he's actually nice...Except against students.


It all happened on that one, fateful day. He was happy, loved every student and was one of the kindest teachers at the school.

However, during one of his classes he got hold of a passing note. The message in the note was:

"lol, mr. lobster tripped over a rock this morning."

Callagan was hurt. He was called a lobster. His own students didn't respect him.

But he would not give in to them. Instead, he bought hipster glasses and started drinking only starbucks sudoh-bucks coffee. And that made Callagan hate every student in this school.
A female voice came from behind Callagan

???: Don't be such a stick in the mud, Salty.

The voice emanated from a young woman with long, spiky pink hair that reached down past her knees. It was tied back with a purple ribbon of similar length, though there were still a handful of strands sticking out in not entirely random spots, bearing some resemblance to the legs of a crab. She was wearing an open lab coat over a black blouse, green/khaki shorts, brown leggings, and black shoes.

Although she was around the same age as the freshman students, she was in actuality the head of Candoridge High's Science Department: The briliant Dr. Washu Fitzgerald Kobayashi!

Washu: It's the first day of school, some leniency is expected.

EEEEEH SUGOI DESU NE *flex muscles*
Lurenia: "So... uh..."

Lurenia coughed.

Lurenia: "I'm ready to get this year going! It feels like it's been months!"

A short student next to her glanced over, then glanced at her watch.

???: "It's been a minute."

Lurenia: "Summer vacation didn't last a minute!"

???: "..."

The girl turned forward. She knew she shouldn't have sat down first.
(whispering) "It's really been only a minute..."
"... and forty seconds..."


Davenport: Jus' take a seat anywhere you'd like. But keep usin' that seat.

Lurenia headed inside her new classroom and without hesitation found the desk in the far back corner by the window and placed her bag down.

Callagan: *Sigh* I suppose you're right.

Leaving with an annoyed look on his face, he stopped for a moment and turned around, facing Washu.

Callagan: But...

He tried to be intimidating, but sounded so high-pitched that it was hard to not laugh.

Callagan: ...If they call me a lobster, I will let them experience true hell.

And thus, the lobster walked away, not knowing how silly he sounded talking like that.

Meanwhile, Bill was sitting contently at her table. Tying her hair up a little bit, she saw a student looking horrified into the classroom. Feeling a kind of bad for her, she wanted to say something nice. Unfortunately, Bill sucks at saying comforting things. So she kept her mouth shut.

Bill: Ugh, I feel tiiiiireeeed. And I still have a craving for bananas.

Suddenly, she had an idea.

Bill: Huh, I know how to solve those problems! Heh, it's perfect.

Leaning with her head against the wall, she fell asleep.

Class time always seems to pass more slowly than time in the real world. That's relativity, which is not a physics concept, as some egg-heads would have you believe. It's anchored in more rational settings. The Boring Theory of Relativity states that the more boring something is, the slower time goes, and the more interesting or exciting, the faster. You'd think the baseline would be different from person to person, but 1:1 time is the same for everyone. It can only occur while watching a Hollywood baseball movie, like Angels in the Outfield, or A League of Their own. It's not terrible, but you know you could be doing better things. At the end, you look at the clock and think, yeah, that's exactly right.

Shamdar understands this concept all too well, and so has measures to fight the drag of time in school. A copy of Shonen Jump is cleverly inserted into his English book, which is held upright on his desk. "Ha, it's the perfect crime. No-one would suspect that a law-abiding student like me would be seeking entertainment outlets during class-time."

Shamdar does a mental jig. He stops almost immediately, since it distracts him from the animated story he's reading.
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Kirby had found one of the few vacant seats next to the windows and placed his backpack on the desk. After sitting down, he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He opened his eyes as soon as he exhaled.

"This is my homeroom for this year," he thought. "This is my class for this year. This is where I'm attending school this year. On land. Away from the sea. I hope I won't look too weird for everyone else here."

He slowly turned his head and looked around the classroom, not focusing on any one thing.

Davenport: Now, I know ya'll feel like it's been a few months...

The homeroom teacher walked from the front of the classroom to the side of Bill's chosen desk.

Davenport: But don't go sleepin' on the first homeroom period of the year!

The teacher then slammed a rolled up stack of papers onto Bill's desk, hoping to wake Bill up.

Davenport: And you--

She turned her head in Shamdar's direction.

Davenport: Who do you think you're foolin'? You don't strike me as the type to be studying for a class you haven't even had yet. And you--

She turned once more and faced Lurenia.

Davenport: Get your feet off the desk, unless you want to volunteer for cleanin' the room afterschool?

She sighed loudly as she slowly walked to the front of the class.

Davenport: I hope ya'll aren't gonna be as troublesome as last year's class.

Student: You're going to have to try really hard with your hope.

Davenport: I don't want to hear that from you, Mr. Izanagi.
JDavis turned slightly to address the new kid that just sat down next to him.

JDavis: Hey, you're new around here, right? Name's JDavis.

"Troublesome?" The girl had taken a seat at a desk at the front. If she were to be educated, then she demanded the finest of all seats. She wouldn't be relegated to some inferior dark corner to be hidden and sulk like some poor pedestrian of weak stature and weaker demeanor! "Troublesome is a word for children! No! If I rise to the occasion, I will be a terror unlike any other that has plagued this school!"

She had a suddenly awful feeling as she recalled her pact mistress specifically remarking that she needed to listen to her teachers.

"...but I shall obey."

"For now."
Can you not understand the words that are commin' outta my mouth?
Teyla: Don't worry Ms. Davenport I'm sure there won't be any satellite lasers piloted by a crazy janitor this year.

Teyla was talking nonsense again from the seat behind Kirby's. She's weird. No wonder Jill is her only friend.

Jill: ... My favorite seat is taken.

She was referring to the back corner seat by the window. Jill tried to get that one in all her classes since it was a prime nap-taking position. Muttering to herself something or other about how dumb school was, she took one of the other seats in the back of the room.
Shamdar's blood ran cold.

How? How could she have known? Truly she is formidable.

He focuses on regaining his composure. Once he's calm, he takes a look at his classmates. What are they wearing? Do none of them understand proper school attire? Things are getting bizarre around here, and it's not even lunchtime.
EEEEEH SUGOI DESU NE *flex muscles*
Lurenia shrugged and moved her feet off the desk. She did deserve to be called out on that, given the teacher is just doing her job.

At least she wasn't called out for being anime trash.

"I only like good anime."

After stifling a chuckle at that ridiculous thought, she became quiet and attentive... then bored a few seconds later at the realization she would be stuck here for a while every day.

"When is winter break?"
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

The homeroom teacher stood still next to Rubi, who was freely speaking aloud. Lucielle could not help but frown.

The bell for homeroom had not rung yet on the first day and she was already more than annoyed.

Kirby: Oh!

He turned to face JDavis.

Kirby: Er.. Hello, Jay Davis? My name's Kirby Nite.

He smiled.

Kirby: Pleased to meet you! Yeah, I'm new. I used to be really... far from here.

It was then the teacher heard Teyla's words. She quickly turned on her on her heels and pointed at Teyla.

Davenport: Alright, the next time I hear anyone break the fourth wall today is getting detention on the first day of school!
JDavis had to bite his tongue on the fact that Kirbynite forgot to draw Guts. He didn't want detention.

Guts: Oh, I've been walking around on the other side of the classroom for no reason, but I had better get back into my seat before the bell rings.

That'll do.
Can you not understand the words that are commin' outta my mouth?

Teyla: The 4th wall eh?

Teyla: What's that? I've never heard of it.
Guts leaned over closer to Teyla, trying to figure out what she was looking at.

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