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High School Hijinx - Main - Virtual Grape Gardens

High School Hijinx - Main

Currently: Opening Ceremony, August 24th

last year w/ the ESP res/def ppl around it wldnt happen prob right??
& @least they knew how 2 handle some things i guess... but some ppl ddnt like that
ill dedicate to solve this its my sworn duty

still i have to haste its of utmost importance i have not conquerd so many difficlties w/ help of comrades only 2 fail and be l8 @ the end

i cant be late im not the main character
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Sorry to interrupt your post, shorty. super important character coming through here.
Outta the way, shorty.

In a sea of students, one seemed to have cut through and attracted the attention of others, despite her short stature.

"Listen, I saw what that guy did with your stuff. Seriously, that's uncalled for!"

The girl that approached Bill wore an off-white, short sleeved, buttoned shirt, a black tie, a black ruffled skirt, and a pair of pink sneakers. She had orangey-red hair that reached down to her shoulders, and a somewhat permanent grin on her face.

"But anyway, don't worry about it! I got a good feelin' about you, so I'm gonna see what I can do to help you out."

In one of the girl's hands was a rather complicated looking camera. In the other was a hand sized notepad.
Waff gains some courage and climbs down from the tree. He covers his head with a paper bag then enters the school.

The tall waffle boy avoids eye contact with other students and walks by them while trying not to attract any attention.

"Yes, I'm s-safe. N-no one suspects that I'm tasty."

Waff is sweating syrup nervously.
EEEEEH SUGOI DESU NE *flex muscles*
Entering the school unnoticed, the pink-haired girl looked around and smiled. She wasn't usually one to enjoy being held down for extended amounts of time, especially given her current situation of leaving home for the purpose of meeting new people in new places. However, current circumstances have her enrolled in this school for the year.

She placed her bag against the wall and looked around some, lightly brushing her short hair with her hands before stretching. There was a student saying she was late in a very strange manner, another with a bag over their head, a much shorter girl with a camera, and a student in trouble for their choice of attire. A weird assortment, but much more entertaining.

She felt like she didn't stand out, but considering she has done plenty of weight lifting and exercises growing up for the hopeful day she left to go adventuring around the world, she looked quite intimidating at a quick glance. At least her uniform made her look like a normal girl for once, but she wasn't sure if she liked that. On the one hand, it would be easier to make friends with a set uniform, but on the other, she didn't feel unique enough. Her figure never bothered her since her exercises kept her in shape, but she did make a few arm-wrestling enemies in her life. At least until last year when the local bullies at her school kept pushing her to pick on the weaker kids before she ended up in trouble defending them instead. Who knew she could take down an entire clique of bullies with two punches... when there were ten of them!

She picked up her bag and looked around again, smiling to herself. "Alright, Lurenia. This should go much better than last year... I hope."

The smell of a delicious part of a balanced breakfast did make her stomach rumble. Where was that coming from?
Can you not understand the words that are commin' outta my mouth?
????: *Sigh*... Man, I don't wanna go to school today.

That was every school day for the girl walking casually along the top of a chain-link fence. She looked up at the sky as her medium-length brick-red hair swayed back and forth with each step. Frankly, she really didn't give a damn at all about classes... evidenced by her particularly lazy "uniform" combination of shirt, tie, skirt. If she was going to-

????: Hi Jill!

The girl looked down, suddenly jolted from her thoughts. Walking alongside her was another girl. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail that reached the back of her thighs, and she was wearing, of all things, a sailor uniform. Short-sleeved for summer of course.

Jill: Oh... Hi Teyla.

Her childhood friend.

Teyla: Are you excited for school today? I know I am!

Jill: Why? It's not going to be any different from last year. Just a bigger number.

Teyla: Well that's a sour way to think about it... Oh. Are you hiding your...

Jill: Yes. I am. Like I have been for the past couple years.

Teyla smiled back up at her.

Teyla: You don't need to y'know! It's not like being a demon is that odd.

It really isn't.

Teyla: I'd kill to have wings like you to be honest...

Jill: You can already fly with magic.

Teyla: It's the principle of the thing!

The pair continued chatting as they approached the front of the school, Jill hopping off the fence. It looked like they'd be on time.
Hedge would be lying to herself if she pretended she weren't a bit downhearted at the cold reception her new classmates gave her, staying tightly clustered together in their own clique as they did and not responding at all to her cheerful greetings! But today was the start of a new school year, and there was no time for negativity! The young azalea gathered her bag lunch of plant food and, politely bidding the other bushes farewell, resolutely hopped in through the front steps of the school.

But-- oh! She was surprised to see many students in uniform, in all different shapes and sizes, but none of them were plants at all! This was nothing like the plant nursery she had previously attended!

"I wonder if there's a botany club," she thought, suddenly nervous.

The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

A bell chime began to ring. Several students looked up towards the clock above the school's main entrance.


The red haired girl who had approached Bill quickly glanced at the clock.

"That's my cue to take my leave. I'll let you be for now. Toodles!"

Without looking back, the girl made her way into the crowd of students that was slowly filing into the nearest set of double doors.


Kirby: So, is THIS now it?

Kirby and Ginny had followed the crowd of students inside of the school. It was very noisy, but they were still able to hear each other.

Ginny: Come on, don't think too hard about it.

Kirby: Alright alright.

Ginny: Do you remember what your assigned class was?

Kirby: Yeah. Do you?

Ginny: Yep.

Along the way to the auditorium, there were teachers who repeated, on occasion, to continue moving along. They also said that once the auditorium was entered, to quickly follow find the sign with the designated class and take a seat in the nearby row.

When the Nite siblings entered the auditorium, the two looked at one another, and waved.

Kirby: See you later, sis.

Ginny: Good luck, Kirb.

Kirby gave a slightly exasperated look while Ginny simply smiled.

Ginny went in one direction, while Kirby walked down the nearest aisle. All of the seats were foldable, metallic chair. Kirby thought it was amazing that a room such as this could possibly fit all these years of education.

As he searched for his seat, an old man walked onto the elevated platform in front of the auditorium. He cleared his throat and began speaking into a microphone, despite the fact that not all students were inside the auditorium.

Old Man: Ahem. Welcome, students and faculty of Candoridge High. Welcome back, and for those who are new, welcome!
"Botany club!?" the dragon girl asked. "Pwah! Who needs a botany club!" she hovered over the shrub, just a touch of smoke still flaring from her nostrils. "Of what feeble creation are you? Perhaps a witch? Do you think a druid is going to help you? Or are you one of those black magicky practitioners wishing to sic mandragoras upon this domicile?"


"If it is the latter, I will assist you."
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Kirby felt very fortunate as he eventually the row for his class. He noticed that the row was not filled up yet, and figured the rest of his class was still making their way into the auditorium.

Old Man: For those who may not know me, I am Principal Yamauchi. I look forward to helping you all further your growing understanding of the world.

He still continued speaking as students continued to step inside. It was also clear that the students did not seem to care much for what he had to say.
Silently glaring at the principal, a thought came up in Bill's mind. She needed to make a change. To be victorious, basking in a bath full of glory and fame,

She knew what she had to do.

Climbing up a chair, she stood still and watched the crowds. A lot of people started to look at her, wondering what she had to say. Silence filled the auditorium.

Taking a deep breath, Bill was finally ready to say something. Eh, it's more like mak-

Bill: Meow.

-ing a sound.
Can you not understand the words that are commin' outta my mouth?
Make their way to the auditorium indeed. Teyla and Jill had dodged the paparazzi and had just sat down.

Teyla: Oh nice. I'm not the standout one this time.

Jill: Hm?

Teyla: 4th wall thing. Don't worry about it.
EEEEEH SUGOI DESU NE *flex muscles*
"...what a cat-astrophe already."

Lurenia started giggling to herself. Puns were always funny.

She stopped laughing and looked around, noticing the closest person in the row behind her being a boy. "Hey, you heard me, right? That pun? Yeah!? YEAH!?" She didn't even notice that the principal was giving a speech to the entire auditorium. She was busy with this purr-fect joke and still smiling about it, waiting for a response from this probably terrified student.
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Kirby was taken aback by the girl's sudden... meowtburst. He had not yet sat down when it happened, and he stared for a moment.

Kirby: Huh? O-Oh. Uh.. yeah. Heh.

He was not paying much attention to Lurenia. He eventually sat down.

Yamauchi: ...

The principal was not amused. He paused to think whether or not he should acknowledge Bill's shenanigans, but decided to continue with his speech.

this goes for any of the current events!
Waff eyes a foldable metallic chair in the auditorium. He becomes nostalgic for the pro wrestling club at his previous school for gifted breakfasts. He picks one of the chairs up for a moment but then places it back down on the floor.

"No. I can't. Not anymore."

The paper bagged waffle boy notices many of the other students are staring at him. Waff darts out of the room embarrassed. The principal is once again not amused.
Shamdar stands in front of the door to the auditorium, considering his options. In a situation where one is at a disadvantage (such as making a bad first impression due to tardiness), it's best to handle the situation with aplomb, and act like you own the place. He reaches for the door, ready to open it with confidence and style, when it flies open, and a boy with a bag over his head shoots past. His balance lost, Shamdar falls to the floor.

He sighs.

"Well, since I'm down here already, may as well relax for a bit."

He continues to lie on the floor, making no attempt to rise.
The Jarl of Neo Grape Gardens

Yamauchi: And a few, last notes..

The principal continued on.

Yamauchi: We are still having issues with the printers, so we cannot provide everyone with an updated copy of the map of the school, amongst other things. Also, if you'd like to venture into the forest behind the school for whatever reason, please, at the very least, get permission from the faculty or let one of the teachers know.

He looked down at the podium he was standing next to before looking at the students one last time.

Yamauchi: That concludes this opening ceremony. You may all proceed to your assigned classrooms.

The newer students whispered to one another, wondering if there was normally a lack of fanfare and energy from opening ceremonies. Moments later, the noise level in the auditorium began to rise.

Woman: Alrighty, ya'll.

A long haired woman wearing a sweater and a long skirt approached the row Kirby was sitting in. She clapped her hands twice and looked down the row.

Woman: I hope everyone is ready for class. If you're not, then you must've not been payin' attention to the outburst from your fellow classmate.

Kirby looked at the woman, wondering if she was the teacher.

Woman: In case you haven't guessed, I'm your homeroom teacher, Lucielle Davenport. I hope ya'll're goin' to get along, 'cause I can't use a dartboard to randomly select students again.

She shrugged before pointing towards the auditorium doors.

Davenport: C'mon, everyone. Let's get goin' to your homeroom. All this noise is really bothersome.

A few of the students looked at each other and shrugged before getting up.
"As it is then, shrub-girl, sit in your stunned silence. I can imagine my incredibly potent and overwhelming personality is more than capable of instilling silence on someone even as rooted as you. But if you do wish to do the mandragora plan and have this school paralyzed from the most lowly servant to the highest office, then invoke my name. For I am Savarinus Alverdias Calamatia Laverianus Alyias. Though you should refer to me here as Rubi, less the lesser beings become suspicious of my true nature."

And with that, Rubi walked into the auditorium and listened to the speeches while watching others do terribly embarrassing things. She laughed at their misfortune, for it gave her delight to see mortals suffer so earnestly.

She followed Lucielle as she looked at her various classmates, sizing them up. Perhaps for lunch. Waff did smell unusually tasty, after all.
EEEEEH SUGOI DESU NE *flex muscles*
Lurenia stood up and stretched before following the homeroom teacher to her homeroom. She looked at her fellow classmates and noticed a strange variety. This would be a fun year for sure.

Now her craving of waffles disappeared as the smell no longer lingered. Clearly, someone is hiding them on her, but who? Who would do that?
Can you not understand the words that are commin' outta my mouth?
Teyla: Oh, yay! We have Lucielle again!

Jill: Wait what? I'm pretty sure I've never had her for homeroom...

Teyla: Oh don't worry about it! I'm just talking to myself.
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