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    Title: LastLadyOfTheNight
    Class: Vampire/Elf/ShapeShifter
    Hair: MahogonyBlack, WaistLength
    Eyes: BrightFireViolet
    Skin: PaleHoneyGold
    Age: I'll Never Tell
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: YahGoodLuck
    SpecialtyItem: LightShieldingCloak

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Kisa Miesha
"Whispers carry the tears of the dead... lisson to them.."So this is to help preview the layout of a post.

Originally posted by some jerk
And this is quote.

I suppose there should be a link or something here, right?

I should throw in some ipsum in here.

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    How about an unordered list?
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    How about an ordered list?
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  3. Three, ah, ah, ah!
"Scars are the best stories tellers in this world.. I could tell you all about mine.. or you can lisson to them yourself."