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Profile for Shalmaeser Nekura
Personal Info
  • Birthday
    Thu Apr 23, 1970 (48 years old)
  • Bio
    Title: Prince of Shadows
    Race: Silver Dragon Shape Shifter/ Drow
    Class: Blade Master, Samuri, red mage
    Sub Class: Soul Vampire
    Element: Spirt, Darkness
    Age: Forgot...
    Hair: Long and Black
    Eyes: Right red, Left blue
    Accessories: Dragon neckless, Wolf ring, Six looped earings
    Extra: Can be found on my AIM profile, I don't want to make this to long.

    The soul survivor of the Twlight Shadow Knights clan, I wander around the world striving for my meaning of existance. Beaware I am not one to be taken lightly, those who were my enimies and striked out against me have never again seen the light of day. Within me I hold a great beings that should not be awakend, do not provoke them to leave their ethreal world and into ours. My silence and sadness may be a good thing, for many of times I have smiled...nothing good came from what pleasured me.

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Shalmaeser Nekura
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From the four souls of the lost being, came the words...So this is to help preview the layout of a post.

Originally posted by some jerk
And this is quote.

I suppose there should be a link or something here, right?

I should throw in some ipsum in here.

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    How about an unordered list?
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    How about an ordered list?
  1. One
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  3. Three, ah, ah, ah!
Death is by your side,
Shadows are lurking near.
Your soul may not be safe,
As long as I am here.

*two fingered wave*