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    Tue Apr 19, 1988 (30 years old)
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    Schwa here. Just here to hang out with my friends from the Glory Days. Who knows? Maybe I'm trying to bring back the Glory Days... They say it's not likely that things will be like they once were, and to some extent I agree... But you know, "Glory Days" is a state of mind, so... If we work at it, maybe we CAN have at least the same kind of fun and fellowship we used to. That, and my friends in RL and the Internet seem to have an urge to roleplay after talking to me... If someone new joins the site that's not from the Glory Days, it's quite possibly a recruit of mine. But I was told to leave IRC out of this, so don't worry. ;)

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And this is quote.

I suppose there should be a link or something here, right?

I should throw in some ipsum in here.

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